John Parker

Software Engineer


  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • MVPs
  • No-Code / Low-Code
  • Open Source


CaaS: CTO as a Service

Need a CTO? You might not need one full time.

Security Assessments

Black box penetration testing, just give me the name of your company and I’ll tell you how secure your apps, websites and services are.


Convert any website, recipe or news article into a digestible, summarized & No BS version by just appending to the URL. It will even get over paywalls.

Blog Warmer

Let AI do the hard work and setup a blog that publishes a new blogpost multiple times a day with fresh new content based on what the competition is doing or your own knowledgebase.

Favorite books

Favorite Podcasts

  • My First Million
  • The Tim Ferriss Podcast